Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Catholic Thing

Today I came across a great new website, The Catholic Thing, launched on June 2 by the Faith & Reason Institute (FRI). A “hat tip,” I believe, is in order – to Jeff Miller at The Curt Jester. I have added the new site to my list of Favorite Links, to the right.

According to an introductory essay by FRI President Robert Royal, the site will feature an original column each day by one of an impressive line-up of writers, including Michael Novak, Ralph McInerny, Hadley Arkes, Michael Uhlmann, Mary Eberstadt, Austin Ruse, George Marlin, and William Saunders.

These are among the outstanding Catholic thinkers/writers out there, and I can attest that the writing certainly lives up to Dr. Royal’s assertion that “[W]e expect that you will not find anything quite like the quality, experience, and accessibility of The Catholic Thing.”

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