Saturday, July 10, 2010

One of my favorite prayers

This is from a Mass booklet for the TLM published by Ignatius Press a couple of years back.  It is one of the "Prayers of Thanksgiving after Mass."  The source is the 16th-century Benedictional of John Longdale, about which I have discovered nothing more as yet.  It helps me to remember to "keep alive [my] spirit of charity in every situation."  Enjoy.
May our Lord, the Father of all mercies, sustain us by his own strength and keep alive our spirit of charity in every situation.  May he give us the desire of that most valuable gift: a wide-hearted sympathy and a broad-shouldered endurance.  Then shall we have experience of that wisdom which is part of the liberty of the children of God.

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Heide Thank you very much for that enlightend prayer!