Friday, June 17, 2011

All the Right Enemies

An article by James Hitchcock in the June 2011 online issue of the Catholic World Report, "The Failure of Liberal Catholicism" (the second of two installments), is well worth a read.  The two-part series provides an interesting glimpse into the anachronism that is liberal, "Spirit of Vatican II" Catholicism.  Dr. Hitchcock has mined sources like the flagship paper of the Catholic left, the National Catholic Reporter, to discover a series of telling quotes, including the following:
One woman told the NCR that she finds the acceptance of former Anglicans into the Church “worrisome,” because “They’re kneeling for Communion, the priest facing the altar…we are regressing from the Vatican II model....
I guess the secret is out.  Us Anglican Use types constitute the worst nightmare of organizations like Voice of the Faithful:  We are happy Catholics who desire to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and we like our worship to be reverent, beautiful, and focused on God rather than on ourselves.

The first installment (from the May 2011 issue) also contains some gems, including the following:
A retired teacher warns against the phrase “and with your spirit,” because it will “encourage ordinary Catholics to think that their religion is basically about saving souls” and “will once again lead the ordinary Catholic astray.”
Here's what Dr. Hitchcock has to say about that.  I'd say he puts it very well:
The writer does not consider himself a naïve “ordinary Catholic.” In his enlightenment he understands vastly more than such “ordinary Catholics” as, for example, Ignatius Loyola and Teresa of Avila, who naïvely thought their religion was about saving souls.

Indeed.  In fact, I, too, have been under the impression all my life that saving souls is precisely what religion is all about.  Silly me.  Seems I'm in good company, though.

Part I:
Part II:

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Gilliam Wood said...

Excellent Heide! I also thought " the saving of souls" was our mission, reasons for calling ourselves Christians. How could it be otherwise! Bravo for Dr. Hitchcock and his well put response and to you for calling it to our attention.